Do you have a MacBook that’s out of warranty and in need of repair? The result of some liquid damage, or did it just stop working all of a sudden? Has Apple quoted you an exorbitant price to replace the logic board, or have they flat out refused to repair it because it’s too old?

I provide component-level repairs. Put simply, this means that I will remove the defective components off the main logic board and replace them with working ones. It’s cheaper, it’s more environmentally friendly and it helps to extend the life of your beloved Mac. Apple want you to buy a new one, so they do not provide this sort of repair.

Please use the form below to provide as much information about the fault as possible, and I’ll get back to you to let you know if I can help. My rates are very reasonable, and I only charge if the repair is successful. I also provide a 30 day money back guarantee on repairs.

Australian customers only.

Repair request form

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