I’ve been using Apple computers both professionally and personally since the 1980s. I have a keen interest in the origins of the personal computer industry, in which Apple was a very significant player.

I don’t waste any time arguing about which computer or operating system is better – they are just tools, and you use the one that helps you be more productive. I’m the first to point out the failings of Apple and their products, but they have consistently topped the list in customer satisfaction, so they must be doing something right.

I’ve never camped out, or joined a ridiculous queue to try and get my hands on an Apple product first, but I do have a growing collection of vintage Macs, including an original “Macintosh”. My enthusiasm for Apple products (especially vintage) helps me with my repair work as it brings me a great deal of joy reviving old and broken Macs.

This site

This blog site is designed as way for people to contact me for my recapping services, as well as a useful resource for people who want to try recapping for themselves.