Macintosh IIfx

The Macintosh IIfx is one of the rarer and more collectible Macs, so if you have one in your collection you should be very happy (so jealous!).

One of the rather unusual things about the IIfx logic board is that it was designed to use either electrolytic or tantalum caps, with two distinct sets of pads for each surface-mount electrolytic cap on the board. I’m assuming that electrolytics were used because they were cheaper. The second set of pads makes it nice and easy for using tantalum replacements, if you choose to do so.

Replacement components

Please note that the links below reference a 25V version of the 10µf and 470µf caps, rather than the original 16V shown on the guide. There is no issue going up in voltage for replacement caps, and there is a lack of availability for the 16V version of the 10µf cap. For the 470µf we’re going with 25V because some versions of the IIfx board used a 25V instead of a 16V.

Recapping guides

Macintosh IIfx recapping guide
Macintosh II logic board