Macintosh SE

Similar to the Macintosh Plus, very rarely does the Mac SE require recapping. Although no capacitor is immune from eventual failure, these older axial electrolytic capacitors are not prone to the same problems as the leaky surface mount electrolytic capacitors in later Mac models.

You will notice in the images below that I have replaced the standard 1/2 AA battery holder with a CR2032 3V button cell battery holder. It doesn’t fit particularly well, but it works.

As with the Mac Plus, the logic board needs to be configured for the amount of RAM installed. If upgrading to 2.5Mb or 4Mb (the maximum) some models have resistors that need to be cut, while others (like the one shown below) have a jumper that needs to be removed.

Macintosh SE Recapping Guide
Macintosh SE recapping guide
Macintosh SE Logic Board
Macintosh SE logic board