Macintosh IIsi

The Macintosh IIsi has it all, leaky caps on the logic board and the power supply. The logic board image shown at the bottom of the page has a few non-standard alterations. The original CPU was fried, so it was replaced with a 33MHz 68030, however is still runs at 20MHz, due to the 40MHz crystal oscillator installed. There were also some fried capacitors that took the pads with them, so I’ve had to get creative with the positioning of some of the replacements. So if your logic board doesn’t look identical, don’t panic.

One other thing worth mentioning is that some versions of the Mac IIsi use a ROM SIMM, rather than the soldered ROMs shown in this picture. The two square ICs sitting directly above the floppy connector are the ROMs.

Macintosh IIsi recapping guide
Macintosh IIsi logic board
Macintosh IIsi logic board