Termination of recapping services

It is with much sadness that I announce I will no longer be offering recapping services, except by prior arrangement.

I am self-employed, and my daytime job as a developer has been occupying more and more of my time. I am also a YouTube content creator, and this occupies all of the remaining time. Trying to also provide recapping services with a reasonable turnaround has gone from extremely difficult to impossible.

Not to mention that the amount off time required to repair, test, document, pack and send boards is so financially unviable, I am actually losing money doing this work.

My customers have been getting increasingly frustrated with my slow turnaround times, which is not fair on them. I will finish up the boards I have here now (and there are a LOT!) and that will be it.

I will still be selectively taking on a very small quantity of repairs from my existing customer base, but nothing like the quantity I have been receiving over the last year.

I am hopeful that someone else out there with more time up their sleeve will try and take this over. And please don’t forget about the many YouTube videos I have created to help you try recapping for yourself.