Amiga 1200

I know this isn’t a Macintosh, but we don’t discriminate here at Recap-a-Mac. Many of the Amiga computers suffer from the same problems as the Macs with leaky surface mount electrolytic capacitors.

As I am not an Amiga expert, I have taken the advice of John “Chucky” Hertell on which replacement capacitors to use. He recommends electrolytic polymer hybrid caps, which do not leak, but they do come with a hefty price tag. He also recommends using replacement capacitors with a higher voltage rating than the originals, which is why the voltages in the product links below don’t match the original voltage ratings.

These are a bit of a pain to recap due to the plastic connectors being so close to some of the caps. Be very careful not to melt anything!

Replacement components

Recapping guides

Amiga 1200 recapping guide
Amiga 1200 logic board