Macintosh IIx

The Macintosh IIx is over 30 years old, and if yours hasn’t been recapped it will almost definitely have some corrosion that will need repair in addition to the recapping. The longer you leave it, the worse it will get, so don’t delay. Expect to see trace damage near the batteries, near the power switch, above the NuBus slots and around the sound chips. There are 15 surface mount electrolytic caps that will need replacing, as well as 5 axial electrolytic caps. The 10µf 16V axial cap has surface mount pads under it, so you can replace it with a surface mount capacitor if you choose to do so.

Many thanks to Jay Vrij from The House of Moth for supplying the IIx logic board image.

Replacement components

Recapping guides

Macintosh IIx Recapping Guide
Macintosh IIx Logic Board