Macintosh Classic I + II Analog Board (220V – 240V version)

The Macintosh Classic and Classic II share the same analog board, and they share the same little cluster of leaky capacitors.

There are also a range of other problems you may encounter, such as cracked solder joints, corrosion or short circuits from capacitor leakage, and failure of one or more of the DIP ICs: IF1, QP1 and JP1. It may also be necessary to adjust the voltage using the variable resistor PP1.

The images and guide shown below are for the 220V International version of the analog board, and the capacitors are not all the same as the US version. There is also an earlier revision of this board with a slightly different neck board connector that has one or two capacitors different to this guide.

Macintosh Classic Analog Board Recapping Guide
Macintosh Classic I + II analog board recapping guide (international version)
Macintosh Classic Analog Board
Macintosh Classic I + II analog board (international version)