Macintosh TV

The Macintosh TV is possibly one of the most ridiculous Macs to be released by Apple. It was a limited edition (only 10,000 made) with a black case, keyboard and mouse but a grey CD tray (nice one). It’s a nice idea to be able to watch TV in a window while you work on your computer, but that’s not how the Macintosh TV worked. You could watch TV, but it completely took over the whole screen. Despite its flaws, it’s become very collectible.

While the logic board might be a simple recapping job, the TV tuner can be a bit of a corrosive nightmare. The TV Tuner is a collection of non-standard cap sizes (for Macs anyway) so you’ll probably need to do a special order.

So what do you do with a Macintosh TV these days now that no one is broadcasting an analog signal? It’s a serious question. I’d like to know.

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