Temporary suspension of recapping services

Due to an unexpected surge in recapping work, combined with an increase in work at my day job, I’ve had to put the recapping services on hold, just until I can get through the current backlog.

The recapping work falls well short of being my only source of income, so it remains a paid hobby. In fact, I would make more money working at McDonald’s than I currently make from recapping, and that doesn’t include the equipment and running costs. I do this work because it brings me joy, and as a service to the vintage computer collector community.

I also receive dozens of messages via YouTube, my website, email, Facebook Messenger and my Branchus Facebook page, from people asking for free tech support. While I do attempt to answer as many of these as I can, I will never be able to get to all of them.

One other unfortunate side-effect is that I rarely receive straightforward recapping jobs anymore. I mainly receive failed recapping attempts or boards with significant damage. These typically take many hours to complete, and with a “no repair, no fee” policy, sometimes these jobs can cost me greatly.

For anyone who currently has a board with me at the moment, I am working to get them finished as a priority. Everything I have here is logged, documented, photographed and stored safely.

So enough of the bad, onto the good. This is only temporary. I am making a series of changes to try and improve my efficiency, and I will start being more selective about the work I take on. My apologies to those with exploded batteries, but I lose money working on these, and my charity only goes so far.

To everyone who has posted a recapping request, I promise I will get back to every one of you soon, and I will start recapping again as soon as I get through the current backlog.