BlueSCSI DB25 External


BlueSCSI DB25 External is a budget replacement for your old, failing external SCSI hard drives.

3D printed case included.

*Free delivery


Buy BlueSCSI v2 from the new Australia reseller, Juicy Crumb Systems!

BlueSCSI is a budget replacement for your old, failing mechanical SCSI hard drives.

The DB25 External version brings the BlueSCSI ease-of-setup to an external form factor. It connects directly to the external 25 pin SCSI port of your vintage Mac. Other features include an ultra compact design, micro SD card slot and emulates up to 7 separate drives on different SCSI IDs.

Available fully assembled or as a kit.

  1. Fully assembled: Assembled and tested, ready for use. Write a compatible disk image to an SD card, plug it in and go!
  2. Kit – build it yourself: Includes a pre-flashed BluePill Arduino and everything you need to get up and running (apart from the vintage Macintosh of course!) Suitable for those with good through-hole soldering skills. Surface-mount micro SD slot has been pre-soldered, so no surface mount soldering skills required.

3D printed case included.

*Free delivery to Australian mainland and Tasmania only.


SCSI Interface DB25 male connector
SCSI Termination Always on
SD Card Interface Micro SD
Power 5V via USB connector, or self-powered using the SCSI host termination power.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 53mm x 57mm x 20mm